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Join Our Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt in your city or for your organization. Promote local business, tourist attractions and more. We’ll help you design a fun and interactive scavenger hunt in your community!

Create a scavenger hunt in your community today!

  • Promote local business
  • Promote tourist attractions
  • Raise awareness for impacts
  • Engage residents and visitors
  • Encourage activity and fun!

Multiple ways to reward your participants!

  • Assign coupons to specific locations
  • Create bonus clues for any location
  • Allow participants to share with friends

Past Scavenger Hunts

Brockville - Fall 2022

Featuring 25+ locations and a chance for over 75 entries, this hunt promoted local business and a few tourist attractions

Coming Spring 2023

Stay tuned for an exciting hunt in a local community near you. Lots of opportunities to play, earn entries and take advantage of savings!

Could this be You?

What will your scavenger hunt look like? Perhaps a corporate team building event or community awareness?

How to Participate!

Step 1: Solve your First Clue!

Participants will read the first clue that will appear on your unique landing page. This could be any participating store, attraction or person! Hints are available to help should players get stuck. Once the first location has been found, players scan the secret QR code, claim their entries and receive the next clue.

Step 2: Follow the Clues to the Next Location

Once players arrive at the first location and have scanned their first QR code, they will be taken to the location page where you can display further information, historical facts, or anything you desire. Players will also have access to the next clue.

Step 3: Players Collect as Many Draw Entries as They Can

Additional entries can be made available through sub-locations, sharing with friends and even coupons. Adding new locations is even possible during the hunt!